The Empire
The Empire

In-Game Information

Gender Male
Species Raven
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Current Status Alive

Real World Infomation

Appearance/s Stories: The Path of Destinies

The Empire is a male raven, who is


"The Age of Darkness ended when the Transcendent Emperor banished the Lost Gods with the legendary weapon, Skyripper. Ever since, people have enjoyed peace and prosperity."

"Isengrim III is the current emperor. He was a shy and humble toad and many did not expect to ascend to the throne when his father died. He was a scholar and, like his father, had a profound love for books. He'd even built universities."

"However, that was the Emperor at the beginning of his reign. Recently, he has been acting a bit... odd. He has raised an army of Ravens and built a massive fleet of airships."

"Also, ancient artifacts from the time of the Lost Gods have resurfaced. Could the Emperor be responsible for this?"

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