Was it true? Must a King make a bargain with evil? He never had, But then he was no longer King. His brother was. But Zenobia there was no he loved more then Zenobia. Must he sacrifice her?
— Reynardo


In-Game Information

Gender Female
Species Cat
Affiliation/s Reynardo
Alias/es The Emperor's adopt daughter
Current Status Alive

Real World Infomation

Appearance/s Stories: The Path of Destinies

Zenobia is a female cat, Who is a adopt daughter of the Emperor's, She is the love interest of Reynardo that who he’s still in love with, she met Reynardo in sword fu school.


"Zenobia is Emperor Isengrim III's adopted daughter, as well as his best general. He had found her as an orphan living in alleys and had raised her as if she was his own daughter."

"To repay his kindness, she is more than willing to follow her adopted father's orders. Even if she has heard the numerous rumors circulating about his cruelty and madness, she has only seen the compassionate and honorable side of him."

"In her youth, the Emperor had sent her to sword-fu school. There, she met a young fox named Reynardo. They spent many years learning and practicing together. But during that time, she had never told him she was a princess. Now many years later, they are on opposite sides of a civil war."

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